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Multi Layer Chip Dye Nano Ceramic Optical films are produced using newly invented  technology with nano ceramic window film made by world class manufacture. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in a product with superior product features.

1. Two anti UV age layers inside the PET to protect the color fade.
2. UV rejection up to 99%(380nm) inside the PET.
3. Use Ceramic as IR rejection material and extruded inside the PET, non-reflective looking and no signal interference. No fade of IR rejection.
4. Using high visibility with the special anti-scratch coating layer.

Feature One: No Adhesive Lines

Feature Two: Non Reflective

Feature Three: Stable Insulation Properties

Feature Four: No Oxidation, No Black or White Borders

Feature Five: No Communications Signal Disruption

Feature Six: Does Not Easily Fade or Age
Feature Seven: No Degumming, No Bubbling

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