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About Us

In 2019, SUNBRELLA Window Film was established in Malaysia. Since its inception, SUNBRELLA Window Film has been operated under the principle of “Environment and Customer Safety Comes First”. This is the motivation behind everything we do for our customers.


We know that long exposure to UV ray and HEV blue light will damage our eyes and skin, especially when UV index is very high in Malaysia. SUNBRELLA Window Film aims to protect you from harmful UV rays and HEV blue light (380nm to 450nm) with the best optical solar film. Blocking 100% UV & 70% HEV blue light, customer will enjoy a reduction in eyes fatigue, prevent cataract, macular degeneration, skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots.


We also believe that true protection should be long-lasting. Our UV CARE optical solar film for automotive, residential and commercial buildings delivers full UV protection that will last for at least  7years. This long lifespan is achieved through SUNBRELLA Window Film unique patented technology for window films.

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