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SUNBRELLA security and safety film is a heavy-duty with high quality polymer coating bonded by especially aggressive adhesives. SUNBRELLA forms a powerful but virtually invisible shield that holds broken glass in place where breakage does occur.




  • Safeguarding people as well as property or home against risks associated with damaged glass - Protection from accidental injury.

  • Prevent glass from Shattering, Spalling and Fragmenting

  • Prevent injury cause by glass fragments

  • Prevent forcible entry – enhance security

  • Risk control – minimize accidental damage

  • Improve building appearance

  • Stop fading of fabrics and furnishing

  • High tensile strength – 33,175 psi

  • Various thickness (3mil, 4mil, 6mil, 7mil)

  • Provides protection against Impact, Ballistic, Protects coating against scratches

  • Single or Multi-ply layers

  • Block out 100 % ultraviolet rays transmission which will cause skin cancer.

  • Rejecting approximately 80% from the entire solar energy.

  • Treated glass surface will not “explode”


  • Can withstand higher edge stress

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