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It achieve patent technology 100% block harmful UV Ray and High-energy visible (HEV) light 70% blue light cut up to 420nm wavelength yet provide high heat rejection and clear visibility with the special anti-scratch coating layer. Which can effectively prevent skin not be sunburned and avoid human to form melanoma cells, and prevent the auto interior fading and aging.


With Multi Layer UV400 Chip Dye Sputter Optical films are produce using international patented technology with additional layer of titanium sputtering process to enhance high heat rejection. Titanium sputtering process is senior aerospace alloy of titanium by using the most advanced multi-cavity high speed rotating equipment.

How does HEV Light compare to UV rays?

Light is measured in wavelengths, the units of which are nanometers (nm) and millimeters (mm). Visible light has a wavelength range in the region of 400 to 760nm, with HEV light falling somewhere between the 400-500nm mark. UV light has a shorter wavelength (of between 280 and 400nm) though UVA has longer wavelengths than UVB.

The vast majority of skin damage caused by the sun comes from UV rays and protecting skin from UV should remain the priority when caring for skin in the sun.

-  High-energy visible (HEV) light

In the visible spectrum, there is a type of light categorized as high-energy visible (HEV) light, whose energy is just below that of ultraviolet. HEV light is blue-violet to blue in color, with wavelengths of 400–500 nm. Often referred to as "blue light", these waves pass through the lens and reach the retina.

- UV TMAX band (380-420nm)
UV TMAX  is the Scientifically Define UV band from UV-A band which has the strongest penetration in the ultraviolet band can reach the dermis depths; make the skin to relax, wrinkles, rough micro vascular emerge;
cause melanin production, darkening of the skin, lack luster, sun spots, freckles and premature skin aging.
Cause malignant melanoma cells to mutate and lead to cancer. Human long-term ultraviolet radiation, huge damage to eyes, cause cataracts and eye fatigue, eventually myopia.


- UV-A band (315-380nm)
Medium penetration to constitute certain damage on the skin, premature skin aging; cause clothes, fumitories,
arts and crafts to fade and age quickly.

- UV-B band (280-315nm)
With a certain degree of Penetration. Dries the skin and can cause skin instant sun bun.

- UV-C band (100-280nm)
Penetration weak, before reaching the ground by the ozone layer absorption, the impact on the human skin can be negligible.

HEV light is blue-violet to blue in color, with wavelengths of 400–500 nm. Often referred to as "blue light", these waves pass through the lens and reach the retina. Light in the 400–420 nm part of the spectrum is thought to be particularly harmful. In standardized lab experiments using cell cultures, Blue light cut denotes the protection of Blue Light. When looking into sunlight for prolonged periods, Blue Light can causes serious damage to the eyes core. Blue Light is responsible for dry eyes, eye pain, impaired vision, cataract and macular degeneration.


UVA1 ray/UV TMAX band protection from the most dangerous types of ultra-violet rays. UVA1 ray/UV TMAX band can damage skin DNA structure including collagen, melanin and elastin levels which can cause premature aging, wrinkles, freckles, pellicle and skin cancer.


Extend exposure to sunlight can have detrimental effects on carpets, upholstery and personal belongings. Colors can become faded and full.

There are numerous causes of fading

UV Light (40%)

Visible Light (25%)

Heat (25%)

Misc. (10%)

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